What is the difference between Leasehold and Freehold properties?

The process of managing property that is available for lease by maintaining and handling all the day-to-day activities that are centered around the piece of real estate. Property management may involve seeking out tenants to occupy the space, collecting monthly rental payment, maintaining the property, and upkeep of the grounds. Apartment complexes are handled by some type of property management company.

A Leasehold property is a property that is leased out by Emaar Properties to a Lessee for a specific period of time. A Freehold property is a property that is sold outright for a specific purchase price to a Purchaser and there is no limit on ownership rights.

Why invest in property?

Investment properties have many benefits when building long-term wealth. If you take the time and select your investment properties well, property can deliver good returns for long-term investors.