Property Financing-I : Tawararuq


Published: Apr 16th, 2018


  • To support the Government effort to raise property¬† ownership among Bumiputera especially in commercial property.
  • To facilitate Bumiputera entrepreneur especially franchise business to purchase commercial property for business premises at strategic location in major cities in Malaysia in line with company business expansion plan.
  • To assist Bumiputera companies to secure financing for business related purposes by providing their property as security.

Type of property:

  • Commercial properties: shop-office, commercial lot in shopping mall, factory,¬† industrial building, warehouse, hotel etc.
  • Agricultural or commercial land.

Size of investment / financing:

  • Maximum of RM10 million

Tenure of investment / financing:

  • Maximum of 15 years

Margin of financing:

PNS will provide financing up to 70% of the property purchase price or market valure whichever is lower plus incidental cost.

Profit rate:

The profit rate is 7% flat rate on reducing balance.